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2011-12-22 17:33:27 by madnessfan1080

You guys hve always wanted pictures dont know why (of my projects on madness).


2011-12-18 19:31:22 by madnessfan1080

What`s up you F**KERS so alot of negative comments showed up and i haven`t been responding because I DO NOT CARE BITCHES YOU TROLLS ARE SO FUCKING STUPID .


2011-12-18 13:09:27 by madnessfan1080

Progress on some projects are slighty imperfect. As for some new stuff some madness shorts will be released as part of a series called"madness box life of a madness character".Also I would like you to check the news page for more in depth madness related stuff.

Any last requests ?

2011-12-04 11:20:36 by madnessfan1080

Hey guys,I know you want to see some action BUT I,M WORKING ON IT so SHUTUP still anyone host that contest ?

computer crash

2011-12-02 19:43:34 by madnessfan1080

I was gone for three months school just started for me and its horrible you guy s still doin ok? Great

SO JUST doin work

2011-11-04 12:39:48 by madnessfan1080

So whats up guys ? This news post is to tell you about winning a flash kit. All you have to is leave the funniest comment. And prodject almost finished. Oh by the way is anyone attending?


2011-11-03 10:10:51 by madnessfan1080

Still on second project should have the animation complete by tomorrow.Also you can win some new flash equipment all you have to do is leave the best response. Once I find it I will PM you saying you won basiclly you`ll get Flash Cs4 and 5 also custom sprites with tutorials in them. So hope you can attend the contest. See you LaTeR ByE.

Something NEW And FRESH

2011-11-02 12:05:26 by madnessfan1080

Hey so Adobe flash is pretty fucked up but I`ll have two animations up by tomorrow or today depends how fast I am at editing also NEW SPRITES if you want the crap, Vomit , or Leisurely Ragtime sprites google it there you will find what you want eventually.0ther news, one of two animations are edited and ready to go! Hope you enjoyed this post see you around guys.

So here is the reason why I have not been on newgrounds for 3 months. I started making animations when it was summer time but now that school started again its been alot more difficult and I have been getting detentions alot more frequently. By the way the cold that I had is finally gone so I feel alot better now. Thanks for checking out my page ! See yah!

Ouchy Ouchy

2011-10-26 17:08:56 by madnessfan1080

Soo what`s happenin guys? Okay so I just got a cold in my throught and it`s killing me I hope you are doing okay though.